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Trips - Rafting down Dunajec River

Very interesting trip made in unusual way.

This rafting is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe! It a natural monument with world-wide meaning. Dunajec rivers runs through deep, made by time channel. It has seven turns in only 9 km distance. Three of them are of more than 130 grade angle. The rocky and steep walls of the channel are between 300 and 500 m high. Even today the scientist argue about how it appeared.

But he most interesting theories are given in local legends. One of them says that the channel was made by king Bolesław Chrobry. Another one tells about men named Ferkowicz who was chasing king of snakes. As the snake was trying to run away he made with its huge body the giant channel for the river.

The rafting stars in the small harbor in Sromowce Wyżne- Kąty village. You have a parking lot, information centre, exhibition area of Pieniński National Park, souvenir stand, restaurant and ticket office there.

You can do the rafting in two ways: down to Szczawnica (about 2 h 15 min) or to Krościenko (2 h 45 min). The rafting in on wooden boats run by local river sailors wearing traditional clothing. During the trip you will enjoy the view on surrounding mountains, the calm and peace of the surrounding, and the beauty of unique nature. From the river you will see the highest picks of Pieniny- Trzy Korony.

After the rafting you can visit the town of Szczawnica or Korścienko, and on your way back you can visit as well Niedzica Castle over Czorsztyn Lake with its huge dam, or the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle or historical wooden church in Dębno ( on the UNESCO chart).

Distance: 55 km

Main attractions:

  • The rafting on wooden boats
  • Picturesque Dunajer River Channel
  • Trzy Korony view