Attractions in the area

Bike route Biały Dunajec- Bukowina Tatrzańska

Distance: 20 km, time: 2,5 h, altitude difference 300 m, route difficult.

We start in Biały Dunajec village by the District Office. We ride through the village, pass the bridge on Biały Dunajec river and continue to Gliczarów Dolny village. There we take the steep uphill asphalt road to Gliczarów Górny and after that we reach Bukowina Tatrzańska village and have the stunning view of the Tatras. There we turn left and by asphalt road we get to Zimni hamlet, later on we ride north on metalled road through the hill top between Leśnica and Gliczarów villages. That is where we find absolutely wonderful view on the Tatras and Podhale. From there by village road we go downhill back to Gliczarów and Biały Dunajec village.