Attractions in the area

Mountain route Kościelisko Village - Chocholowska Valley

Distance: 25 km, time: 3 h, altitude difference: 250 m, route difficult.

It starts at the entrance to Kościeliska Valley. We ride the road towards Czarny Dunajec. In the Roztoki hamlet we turn left to Chocholowska Valley. Through Siwa clearing by asphalt road we get to Huciska. Later we take the rocky uphill road up to Chochołowska clearing. All this way goes through the Tatra National Park. On the way we pass the Upper and Lower Chochołowka Gates and the source of the Chochołowki steam. We take the same way back to Roztoki and there we turn right and quickly after that we turn left. We pass the bridge on Kirowa Woda steam, and by metalled road we reach the asphalt one. We continue up to Groń hamlet and there we turn left and by biathlon stadium in Kiry we end the tour.