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Trips - Kościeliska Valley

This trail is quite long but interesting and easy to walk.

This valley is the second longest one in the Tatras (on Polish side). It’s famous for its charm that attracts tourists all year long. The valley is comfortable to walk, has many different sceneries and even more interesting spots.

Kościeliska Valley runs through long and deep rocky raving. It’s walls get very close to each other in three places that make the so-called ‘gates’: Kantaka Gate, Kraszewskiego Gate and Raptawicka Gate.

The lower part of the valley is crossed by Kościeliski Potok steam, while the upper part is surrounded by shiny mountains with rough forms and names. As we walk through the valley we pass a small Bandit’s Chapel with wooden cupola. The chapel with the sign “Ave Marya’ and the mining motifs- two crossed hammers. On the left entrance column the sculptures of local bandits can be found, and on the right one the one with the miner.

We finish our hike on Ornak Clearing (1108 m upon see level), where one of the most visited mountain hostels is located. There you can have a rest, eat something hot and after that start walking back.

Being in Kościeliska Valley we can add to our visit as well Kraków George, Smreczyński Lake or go to the caves. The most popular one is the Mroźna Cave. The one and only lit cave in Polish Tatras.

When visiting the valley use can go up by horse carriages that depart from the valley entrance.

Distance: 9 km (one way)

Main attractions:

  • Kontaka Gate
  • Kraszewskiego Gate
  • Raptawicka Gate
  • Kościeliski steam
  • Bandit Chapel
  • Bandits’ Windows
  • Ornak Clearing