Attractions in the area

Mountain route Zakopane- Witów- Dzianisz

Distance: 30 km, time: 3,5 h, altitude difference: 300 m, route difficult.

It starts from the parking lot by Polana Szymoszkowa. We ride following the road signs through Kościelisko village. In Roztoki hamlet we turn right and continue through the forest by metalled road. We enter the Płazówka celaring. It’s a good place to have some rest and have a look at the houses and a small chapel located there. Later we continue through Witów on small asphalt road up to Dzianisz village, and later uphill to Gubałówka – 1123 m. The beautiful panorama view will compensate the effort of cycling uphill. We continue downhill towards Kościelisko Village and to Zakopane.