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Trips - Zakopane

As there are many places to see in the town the visit should take the whole day.

Zakopane is the best well-known touristic destination in the country. With its unique location and character, it attracts many visitors every year.

You can start the visit in Krupówki Promenade- the most famous street in Poland. It’s full of shops and traditional taverns. Walking downhill you reach the Market Square, where souvenirs and traditional food such as different types of sheep cheese can be bought.

When walking on the Promenade it’s hard to miss the Museum of the Tatras. The permanent exhibition presents the reconstruction of traditional highlander cottage house, with its black and white room division, equipped with original 18th and 19th century items. The old and modern highland clothing can be found there too, together with old local arms. On the second floor the exhibition of Tatra’s flora and fauna can be seen. Another place worth visiting is the Kościeliska street called the “Old Town” of Zakopane. Many 19th century cottage houses are here for example Wnuków

Family house dated on the 1850 and Gąsienica Nawsiów Family house also from 1850. Further on Villa Koliba is located. Built as the first building in the local style of Zakopane now hosts the Museum of the Zakopane Architecture Style, named also Stanislaw Witkiewicz Museum.

The oldest sacral monument in the town is the stone-made chapel of Gąsienica Family dated to 1800. Next to the chapel you can find the wooden church from the 1851, equipped with wooden sculptures and folk paintings from the 19th century, and the Via Dolorosa stations painted on glass. Next to the church the old cemetery called also on Pęksowym Brzyzku is located. It was named after the owner of the land- Jan Pęksa, that gave his land to the church. Many people regarded important for Zakopane and the country were buried there, so you can find graves of: Tytus Chałubiński (who discovered Zakopane), Jak Krzeptowski Sabała, Stanisław Witkiewicz, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, Kornel Makuszyński and many others, there. Fatima’s Sanctuary on Krzeptówki is also important visit spot of Zakopane. The church build as a thanksgiving gift for St. Mary after rescuing Pope John Paul II from the assault in 1981.

On the Krzeptówki Street 11, the house where Jan Krzeptowski Sabała (legendary folk musician) was born at the end of the 18th century, is located. Villa Oksza and Villa Atma are amongst the architecture pearls of Zakopane. In the past they belonged to famous national artists and now are museums.

Zakopane is also a town of culture and art. It has many galleries and country-known Witkacy Theatre.

When being here it’s difficult to miss the ski jumping slopes. The Wielka Krokiew mountain is not only well known in the country but also outside it. The yearly World Cup in ski jumping attracts thousands of sport funs and turns Zakopane into the sport centre of Poland.

Main attractions:

  • Krupówki Promenade
  • Museum of the Tatras
  • Market Square
  • The Old Town with the Kościeliska Street
  • Villa Koliba
  • The Old Church and cemetery on Pęksowy Brzyzek
  • Fatima Sanctuary on Krzeptówki
  • Villa Oksza
  • Villa Atma
  • Witkacy Theatre
  • The ski jumping slopes