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Trips - Chochołowska Valley

This trail is long but comfortable to walk and with various landscapes.

Chochołowska Valley is the longest valley in the Polish Tatras. It’s surface covers 35 km sq and is almost 10 km long. The 2/3’s are covered by forests mainly spruce. It takes its best in the spring when totally covered by crocus flowers.

Chochołowski Steam, that has its source in the slopes of Wołowiec Mountain, runs through it with its wide channel.

On Siwa Polana clearing traditional sheep pasture can be found. You can try there products from sheep milk and visit real shepherd hut.

From the bottom of the valley picks of Mnichy Chochołowskie can be seen, as they stand in a rocky group of steep protruding summits, gothic towers alike.

When walking deeper into the valley you notice hilly summits of Rakoń, Wołowiec, Starorobociański and other West Tatras picks.

But the Chochołowska Clearing is the real heart of the valley. It’s also where the biggest Tatra Mountain hostel is located. Not far from the hostel you find St. John the Baptist Chapel and very old shepherds’ huts enlisted on UNESCO chart.

When visiting the valley you can use the horse carriages or take the choo-choo train up to Huciska Clearance (half way up the valley), where the asphalt road ends. In this valley you can also ride a bicycle.

Distance: 10 km (one way)

Main attractions:

  • Traditional sheep pasture
  • Shepherds’ cottage huts
  • View on West Tatras
  • Chochołowski Steam
  • St. Johns the Baptist chapel
  • Crocus flowers in spring
  • Mountain hostel on Chochołowska Clearing