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Trips - Bachledówka

It’s an easy and interesting trip. The route follows the “Pope’s Trail” through Ząb and Furmanowa up to Gubałówka.

Gubałówka hill has 1123 m altitude. It’s the most popular part of Gubałówka Range among hikers. It’s also fantastic Tatra and Zakopane view spot. From there you can see Beskid Wysoki range (with the highest pick of Babia Góra- 1725m) and Gorca range.

Gubałówka hill is a commonly visited place. Tourists can find here: many restaurants, pizzerias, regional taverns, quad and horse riding spots, ropes course park, gravity slide slope and a chairlift. In the wintertime many ski slopes are open.

You can walk down from Gubałówka (it takes only 30 min) or go down by cablecar to Zakopane. The lower station is located right next to the well-known Market Square where you find many souvenirs and traditional product stands. Taking the mail road through the Market Square you get to the famous Krupówki Promenade.

Route distance: 6 km (one way)

Main attractions:

  • St. Ann’s Church in Ząb
  • Tatras, Gorce and Babia Góra view spot
  • St’ Mary’s Sanctuary in Bachledówka