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Mountain route Białka- Royal Road – Czarny Dunajec

Distance: 30 km, time: 3,5 h, altitude difference: 280 m, difficult route

We start in Białka Tatrzańska. From there we get up to Trybsz village (in Spisze region), where we can find a small wooden church with the oldest Tatra style polychromy. We continue through Czarna Góra village up to Bukowina Tatrzańska. We pass Rusiński and Głodowski Wierch hamlets and we should reach Gliczarów Górny. We continue by metalled road on the hilltop between Leśnica and Białka Tatrzańska and reach Kotelnica. This part of our route is called “Royal Road” as, according to the history, the army of king John III Sobieski passed through there coming back after the Vienna relief in 1683. Later on ride downhill back to Białka Tatrzańska. We start riding down right next to the upper cable car station.