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Trips - Morskie Oko Lake

This trail is long and tiring but comfortably to walk and full of attractive views.


We start at the Palenica Białczańska parking lot. Just behind the entrance to the Park horse carriages are waiting to take visitors up to Włosienica, from where it takes only 20 min walk to get to the lake.

At the beginning the trails goes flat through the forest. Wide, asphalt road runs along the Białka Valley, firstly by the steam and later on much higher that its channel. After less than a quarter we reach nice view point with the view on the highest Tatras summit- Gerlach. In the spot wooden information board can be found as the trail is used also as a didactic route. Walking on we reach the cascade of Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza that can be heart from a distance.

The waterfall contains three water cascades on Roztoki steam. Out of three casdaces only one (the middle) can be seen by tourists from the bridge on the road to Morskie Oko lake.

Walking on we reach the place where the road turns into a steep winding route up to the level of Rybiego Potoku Valley. In this place Białki Valley divides into dwo valleys: Białej Wody Valley ( in Slovakia) and Rybiego Potoku Valley (on Polish side) that leads up to Morskie Oko lake. Steams that come from both valleys create one border river called Białka.

Reaching Włosienica clearing, only 20 min from the lake, we can notice already the summits of Mięguszowiecki Szczyty with Cubryna pick and the Mnich. From there the trail goes close to dangerous slopes of Opalony Wierch (2115 m over see level) that appears on our right hand. In the wintertime huge avalanches go down from these slopes.

As we get closer to the hostel we see more and more of the mountains surrounding the lake. The one that takes the lead is Rysy- the highest pick on the Polish side. Those who still have some energy left can go around the lake and even go uphill to the Czarny Staw lake from where Morskie Oko can be well seen. Time needed to reach the upper lake - 1 h (one way).

Distance: 9 km (one way)

Main attractions:

  • Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza water cascade
  • Rybiego Potoku Valley
  • The High Tatras panorama view
  • Morskie Oko Lake