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Trips - Białego Valley

The trip to Białego Valley is one of the most pleasant and light. The valley is located between mountains of Krokiew and Sarnia Skała. The trail entrance is located only several hundred meters from Wielka Krokiew mountain and right by Droga pod Reglami trail.

The unique atmosphere of this place is created by numerous small bridges over the Biały Potok steam. It’s one of the prettiest lower valleys and attracts many tourists. It’s location close to the centre of Zakopane is also an advantage.

The trails runs by deep and narrow valley similar to a gorge. It’s surrounded by beech and fir tree forest and high rocky walls. When walking around you pass a cave-like hole. It’s an old drift.

During the walk you can enjoy the view on Giewont and forest hills around you. Yellow trail that goes through the valley turns into the black one at the very end of the valley, and that one can lead us to Strążyska valley (50 min), Kalatówki clearing (1 h 20 min) or the way back.

Distance: 2,5 km

Main attractions:

  • Whirring Biały Potok stream
  • Numerous dolomite rocks
  • Big beech and fir tree forest
  • Uranus drift
  • The view on lower picks and the hillside of Giewont
  • This trail is short, easy and very charming.