Attractions in the area

Trips - Chochołów, Witów

This trail is not too long but very interesting.

Chochołów village is the biggest touristic attraction of the Czarny Dunajec District. This vivid open-air museum (zero-class monument) was enlisted on the UNESCO chart what attracted even more visitors from all over the world. Those wooden cottage houses were build in the 18th and 19th century of huge tree stumps according the old local tradition. Art conservator is taking care of more than a hundred of them. In the village the Museum of Chochołów Insurrection is worth visiting too (located in the oldest cottage), and private region chamber in the cottage number 28. The neo-gothic church is also interesting.

In Witów village, located right next to Chochołów, another wooden church is located and St. Ann’s chapel on Pałazówka. Along the road through the village you can admire shepherd’s huts, try cheese (Oscypek) and drink zyntyca (sour milk drink) or simply have a look on how their life looks like.

Distance: 16 km

Main attractions:

  • Wooden village – the zero class monument
  • St. Jack’s neo-gothic church
  • Museum of Chochołów Insurection
  • St. Mary’s wooden church in Witów
  • St. Ann’s wooden church in Płazówka
  • Shepherd’s hut in Witów