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Trips - Orawa Ethnographic Park In Zubrzyca Górna

During this trip you will get to know the life of Orawa highlanders from the past. We recommend you to spent half day there.

Orawa Ethnographic Park is well located at the foothill of Babia Góra, in Zubrzyca Górna village. Here you can get to know the construction traditions and the culture of not too well-known region of Orawa located on Poland-Slovakia border, between Podhale and Liptów regions. In the 15th century shepherds from East Carpathian Mountains together with Lesser Poland farmers started to settle down here. As those two different cultures clashed here very interesting mixture of both of them appeared. Buildings spread over the Park area present the life of local people, from rich ones to poor. In majority of cottages you will find theme exhibitions such as: Orawa style wedding, weaver workshop and many more.

This place will take you to the past. Apart from many cottages you will find here also industrial elements such as: forge, lumber mill, oiler. Numerous steams that croo the park add so charm to it too.

Important element of this park in the Moniaków Family manor house with its oldest part dating from 17th century. This manor complex consists of: mansion house, barn and beautiful forested park. The house is perfect example of traditional building divided into ‘black’ and ‘white’ rooms.

The tours are guided (free of charge service). You can also take part in workshops such as glass painting, making traditional toys, and events, exhibitions or competitions organized by the Museum.

Distance: 40 km

Main attractions:

  • 25 exhibitions presenting life of different social groups from 18th century to 20th
  • Moniaków Manor house with archaic interiors from 17th century
  • Old village industry buildings: forge, lumber mill, oiler
  • In majority of houses theme exhibitions for example: waving workshop, Orawa style wedding
  • Steams crossing the park
  • Possible participation in different workshops: glass painting, contests, events organized by the Museum