Attractions in the area


South of Lesser Poland is very attractive mountain region where three historically and culturally different traditions live together: Podhale, Spisz and Orawa. Four National Parks that cover in total over 32 275 ha are located. Those are: Tatra National Park, Biabigórski National Park, Gorczański National Park and Pieniński National Park. Outstanding nature, reach biodiversity and beautiful views can be seen in all of this parks. Many trails and education tracks were marked there to present the best of those places. The most well-known places such as: Kasprowy Wierch, Morskie OKo lake in the Tatras, Babia Góra in Beskid range, Turbach in Gorce and Trzy Korony in Pieniny are a must-see.

This region is a perfect place for summer and winter sports. Numerous ski lifts, bike trails, kayaks and raftings will attract those who wish to be active during their holidays. Many thermal baths were open thanks to reach thermal resources of this land. Thermal water coming from the interior of the Earth has a very good influence on our body and helps to recover from many diseases.

Nowy Targ, called also the capital town of the region, presents all the cultural and historical elements of local traditions. The town, famoust for its weekly market, attracts many highlanders from all the villages around it every Saturday. From there you can easily go to Ludźmierz , the oldest village in Podhale, famoust for Sanctuary of St. Mary the Queen of Podhale- the local centre of pilgrimage. Every year the Day of Shepherds takes place there with official ceremony of shepherds and sheep blessing.

Open air museums of Chochołów (with its old wooden cottages) and Etnograficzne Museum in Zubrzyca (where we find out about the harsh conditions that the first settlers had to face up) are worth visiting too. The most famoust town of the region is Zakopane. Also called the winter capital of Poland is full of arquitecture monuments, sport and cultural events. Zakopane is also great base camp for Tatra Mountains trips.

Tha Dunajec River rafting plays an important role as well on the list of the main local attractions. This picturesque trip involves rafting for over 2 hours passing through outstanding mountain river gorge, one of the most beautiful in Europe.