Attractions in the area


Ząb village is a very attractive place. Located in the north from Zakopane, on Gubałówke foothill, it the highest village in Poland (at the altitude od 1023 m). Thanks to its location it’s famous for extraordinary views. Due to this location has numerous walking paths and trails, and in the winter time many areas for skiers.

„Hey, from this hills
beautiful views,
so that no other place
can be compared.”

You can marvel at beautiful Tatras of Poland and Slovakia from here. In the north you will see Podhale surrounded by Gorce range, Orawa with Babia Góra range, Pieniny and Bukowiańskie foothill. Real highlanders inhabit Ząb. They still speak their dilect and cultivate their traditional daily routines. When going to the church they wear traditional clothing. And in the Christmas Time or during Pascuas and Corpus Christi they all, disregarding age, wear their best traditional cloths. Local people work in tourism and agriculture. This is the place from where many shepharts come from. A few traditional cottages can be found here where in the summer sheep are pastured.

It’s worth mentioning also that great Polish ski jumpers are from here: Kamil Stoch, Stanisław Bobak and Józef Łukaszczyk. Famous „Pope’s Trail” runs through Ząb. This local road that leads from Krzeptówki in Zakopane to Ludźmierz was wse by Pope John Paul II during his pilgrimige in 1997. To commemorate this event every year walking pilgrimage is organized. St. Ann’s Church in Ząb it worth seeing. The church was build in 1915 on the small hill, made of and decorated with wooden sculptures. The altar was done by Wojciech Brzega, friend of Stanisław Witkiewicz. The churchyard is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the region and that is thanks to its location and tree decoration there.

We strongly recommend walking trails:

  • to Gubałówka – 1 hour
  • to Zakopane through Ciagówka- 1,5 hour
  • to Rafaczówki ( where you find outstandinf panoramic view on Zakopiańska Valleyand the Tatras)- 1 hour
  • to Bachledówka (Pauline’s wooden church)- 1 hour
  • towards Bustryk and Sierockie ( panoramic views of Podhale and the Tatras) – about 40 minutes
  • road to the cemetery (great panoramic views) about 30 min
  • to Słodyczki- 1 hour