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Podhale is a good place to enjoy bike tours. Beautiful views, nature, picturesque highlander villages encourage to get on the bike. The organizators of Tour De Pologne also appreciated the outstanding beauty of this area and let the tour pass through Ząb just next to Redyk hotel.

We recommend following bike trails:

1. Mountain route Kościelisko Village- Chocholowska Valley

Distance: 25 km, time: 3 h, altitude difference: 250 m, route difficult.

It starts at the entrance to Kościeliska Valley. We ride the road towards Czarny Dunajec. In the Roztoki hamlet we turn left to Chocholowska Valley. Through Siwa clearing by asphalt road we get to Huciska. Later we take the rocky uphill road up to Chochołowska clearing. All this way goes through the Tatra National Park. On the way we pass the Upper and Lower Chochołowka Gates and the source of the Chochołowki steam. We take the same way back to Roztoki and there we turn right and quickly after that we turn left. We pass the bridge on Kirowa Woda steam, and by metalled road we reach the asphalt one. We continue up to Groń hamlet and there we turn left and by biathlon stadium in Kiry we end the tour.

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2. Mountain route Zakopane- Witów- Dzianisz

Distance: 30 km, time: 3,5 h, altitude difference: 300 m, route difficult.

It starts from the parking lot by Polana Szymoszkowa. We ride following the road signs through Kościelisko village. In Roztoki hamlet we turn right and continue through the forest by metalled road. We enter the Płazówka celaring. It’s a good place to have some rest and have a look at the houses and a small chapel located there. Later we continue through Witów on small asphalt road up to Dzianisz village, and later uphill to Gubałówka – 1123 m. The beautiful panorama view will compensate the effort of cycling uphill. We continue downhill towards Kościelisko Village and to Zakopane.

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3. Mountain route Ząb-Bachledówka- Gubałowka

Distance: 35 km, time: 4 hours, altitude difference: 300 m, route difficult

We start in Ząb village, we ride south to Furmanowa and Gubałówka. All this way beautifull view of the Tatras and Zakopane will accompany us. From Gubałówka through Słodyczki hamlet we ride downhill to Nowe Bystre village and later on we take narrow asphalt road towards Bachledówka, the place where bishop Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) used to come. We will enjoy spectacular panorama of the Tatras and Podhale. On the way we will see Pilsko???, Babia Góra, Gorce range with Turbacz- it’s highest pick, and all the main ridge of the Tatras. Later we continue up to Ząb village.

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4. Bike route Biały Dunajec- Bukowina Tatrzańska

Distance: 20 km, time: 2,5 h, altitude difference 300 m, route difficult.

We start in Biały Dunajec village by the District Office. We ride through the village, pass the bridge on Biały Dunajec river and continue to Gliczarów Dolny village. There we take the steep uphill asphalt road to Gliczarów Górny and after that we reach Bukowina Tatrzańska village and have the stunning view of the Tatras. There we turn left and by asphalt road we get to Zimni hamlet, later on we ride north on metalled road through the hill top between Leśnica and Gliczarów villages. That is where we find absolutely wonderful view on the Tatras and Podhale. From there by village road we go downhill back to Gliczarów and Biały Dunajec village.

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5. Mountain route Biały Dunajec – Stołowe

Distance: 25 km, time: 3h, altitude difference: 300m, difficult route

We start in Biały Dunajec by the District Office. We ride through the village and at the end of it we turn to Gliczarów Górny. We continue on asphalt uphill road up to Janasówka hamlet. When we reach the hilltop we will see wonderful panoramic view from there. Then we turn right to Stołowe hamlet and from there downhill by narrow asphalt road to Świdrowy river. Then we take dirt road that will lead us up to Skupniowa Street back in Biały Dunajec.

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6. Mountain route Białka- Royal Road – Czarny Dunajec

Distance: 30 km, time: 3,5 h, altitude difference: 280 m, difficult route

We start in Białka Tatrzańska. From there we get up to Trybsz village (in Spisze region), where we can find a small wooden church with the oldest Tatra style polychromy. We continue through Czarna Góra village up to Bukowina Tatrzańska. We pass Rusiński and Głodowski Wierch hamlets and we should reach Gliczarów Górny. We continue by metalled road on the hilltop between Leśnica and Białka Tatrzańska and reach Kotelnica. This part of our route is called “Royal Road” as, according to the history, the army of king John III Sobieski passed through there coming back after the Vienna relief in 1683. Later on ride downhill back to Białka Tatrzańska. We start riding down right next to the upper cable car station.

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7. Mountain route Małe Ciche- Tarasówka

Distance: 16 km, time: 2 h, altitude difference: 230 m, difficult route.

We start in Małe Ciche village. We ride through the village up to the Oswalda Balzera main road on Wierch Poroniec. There we turn left to Zgorzelisko clearing and later by forest road up to Tarasówka clearing (known for its Shepherd’s Day). All the time we can enjoy the panoramic view on the mountains. From Tarasówka we take steep downhill road back to Małe Ciche.

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8. Mountain route Bukowina Tatrzańska- Czarna Góra- Leśnica

Distance: 40 km, time: 4 hours, altitude difference:300 m, difficult route.

We start in Bukowina Tatrzańska by the District Office. We ride on asphalt road up to Czarna Góra village located right at the border with Spisze region. We continue through Trybsz up to Leśnica where we take the uphill road to Bukowina Tatrzańska. In this part of our route the outstanding panoramic view on the Tatras will accompany us. Later on, we ride downhill through Rusiński Wierch back to the District Office in Bukowina.

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9. Downhill riding track in Harenda

Harenda has became an interesting place for bike fans. All of them can enjoy the ride on walking routes. But those who love adventures downhill ride track is a must! If you don’t like to ride uphill you can take a lift on the chairlift prepared also for bikes. In Harenda you can rent a bike as well.

Źródło: Tatrzańska Agencja Rozwoju, Promocji i Kultury. Source: Tatra Agency for Development. Promotion and Culture.
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10. Bike tourism in the Tatra National Park

Bike tourism in the Tatra National Park can be done only on roads and trails opened to this form of tourism. Majority of routes opened to bike riding are hiking trails or public roads. Only short parts of them are opened to only bike tourists.

Chochołowska valley: Siwa Polana clearing- mountain hostel on Chocholowska Polana clearing

  • Kuźnice- mountain hostel on Polana Kalatówki Clearing
  • Brzeziny- Suchej Wody valley- Murowaniec mountain hostel on Hala Gąsienicowa
  • Małe Ciche- Zazadnia- Wierch Poroniec- Zgorzelisko- Tarasówka

Redyk Hotel Service Centre has a certificate for being “Bike friendly hotel”. It is on the Greenway Amber Trail connecting Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. On Redyk Guests can rent a bike or use our storage room.

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