Śpasy fireman in Ząb


Today, 11 August 2013. in Tooth Peak on Bartolskim event will be held under the name "Firefighter Śpasy" Every year it is organized in a series of Tatra Wici.

During the event will run point of blood, under the supervision of Mrs Maria Lambrecht - blood donation station manager in Zakopane.

For children during the event additional attractions.

Program of the event:

12.00 - meeting at the firehouse TSO in Ząb
12.30 - passing procession to the place where the competition
13.00 - opening of the competition and welcome guests
13.15 - start of the competition
15.00 - end of the competition
15.15 - performance of "Cabaret Drone"
16.00 - awards
17.00 - a performance of "Little Zbójnicek"
17.30 - results of the competition for the youngest
18.00 - fashion show of regional art studio tailoring "embroidery"
18.30 - competition for married couples (prize weekend at the Tooth)
19.30 - dance till dawn, accompanied by the band "worse"
During the competition will be conducted art competition for children Fri "Firefighter Competition"

Welcome !!!