Here you can use Polish Tourist Voucher


How to use it

  • Activate the voucher on the PUE ZUS platform,
  • Redeem your voucher via e-mail or SMS,
  • Book reservation in the Redyk Ski&Relax*** Hotel - either directly or through the website
  • During check-in, provide the ID number of your voucher, as well as the amount of money to use. Confirm the transaction by a one-time SMS code.
  • Enjoy your stay in our Hotel!

Additional information

  • The voucher can be used multiple times, as long as there are funds available.
  • If your stay exceeds the amount of funds available on your voucher, you can settle the bill in a preferred payment method.
  • It is possible to use the voucher to pay for accomodation for caregivers with children and their grandparents.
  • The voucher can not be exchanged for cash, as well as other means of payment.
  • More information about Polish Tourist Voucher are available on special 24/7 helpline: 22 11 22 111 and on the website:

Direct contact

If you need any additional help or have any questions about booking a stay, contact us by phone: 18 200 16 61 or email: