9 Malopolska Taste Festival in Nowy Targ


July 14, 2013 on. I invite you to the Market in Nowy Targ, where he will be another of the events belonging to 9 Malopolska Festival of Taste. New Market is known for its traditional ice cream, fine cheeses including familiar to us all, whether Tatra oscypki straits. Admission to the festival is free cordially invite you to participate in the event.

Below is a detailed program of the event.

10.00 - opening 9 semifinals Malopolska Taste Festival exhibitors and presentations
11.00 - start of the "Taste of Little Poland"
11.10- "Deck the Kunovice" folk band from the Czech Republic
12.10 - a performance for children "Dragon Tales"
13.30 - Song Studio "Septym"
14.10 - concert "Cocon Band" SDS "Joy" Rabka Zdroj
15.00 - end of the plebiscite "Taste of Little Poland"
15.15 - Municipal Brass Band under the direction of Martin Musiaka
16.00 - Cabaret "Drone"
17.00 - results of the competition and the plebiscite "Taste of Little Poland" awards and certificates to the winners of the Festival, the prize draw for the audience
17.15 - band "Hyrni"


Enjoy !!!