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  1. Reception desk is the supervisor, advisor and information point for ur Guests. It’s open 24.

  2. Check in starft from 16:00. Check out until 12:00

  3. If a Guest wiches to stay longer this should be reported to the reception before 10:00. The stay will be extended whenever it will be possible.

  4. If a Guest does not specify the number of nights that he plans to spent in Redyk the reception will treat this stay as for one night only.

  5. Silence should be respected from 22:00 till 7:00

  6. Guests only visiting Redyk should leave rooms before 22:00

  7. Guest behaviour should not cause any inconveniences to other Guests of Redyk. Redyk has the right to not accommodate Guests who are intoxicated or who disturb other Guests with their behaviour.

  8. During the stay Redyk lets the Guest use the radio and TV set that are in the room, and the Guest rents them for their own use.

  9. Guests are financially responsible for any damage in the room or the facility caused by them or their Guests that are not staying in Redyk.

  10. Guests should close the room windows and door before leaving the room. The room key should be left at the reception desk. Guest will be charged 50 PLN for lost key.

  11. Redyk has limited responsibility for valuable goods and money left in the room.

  12. Redyk has no responsibility for vehicles that are parked on the parking lot in case of damage or theft.

  13. In case of leaving personal belongings in the room after checking out they will be sent to Guest to the address pointed by Guest (on Guest’s cost) or will be storaged for 1 month.

  14. Room cleaning take place between 10:00 and 16:00. Bed clothes can be changed after the third night, regarding Guest’s wish.

  15. Regarding the fire and safety regulations no personal facilities such as: irons, kettles and others, are allowed in the rooms.

  16. In case of fire noticed by Guest this should be immediately reported to the reception desk and Guest should immediately leave the building following the Emergency Exit signs.

  17. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building exept for the balconies and outside smoking areas.

  18. Redyk does not accept animals.

  19. Redyk can refuse the storage of belongings that do not look like personal belongings.

  20. Redyk can refuse the accommodation to Guests who disrespect the Stay Regulations.

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