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Wellness Room

In the Bio Regeneration Centre, supervised by professional staff, You can enjoy exclusive body treatments.

Just imagine perfectly white snow, relax and real, hot chocolate. Hm….. The Hot Chocolate treatment or Chocolate Relax session will stimulate your senses and warm you up during long winter evenings.

Lack of energy?  We offer you Sweet Cranberry treatment that  firms the skin, improves circulation and ensures the return of bio power.

You need calm and relax? Diverse selection of classical massage or nutritional treatments will make you forget the daily troubles.

We offer vide assortment of rejuvenation treatments that improve mental and physical state, relaxing and beautyfing.

You are welcome to get to know our offer.

Body care

Algae Mineral Mask 90 min. 250 PLN
Detoxification and firming treatments with algae peat mask. Cellulite reduction, micro stimulation and skin firmness improvement.
Micronized algae 90 min. 200 PLN
Treatment with micronized algae. Detoxification and relaxing treatment.
Salt peeling 60 min. 150 PLN
Treatment of Algae Mince. Body peel/exfoliation, microcirculation improvement, skin detoxification.
Hot Chocolate 90 min. 280 PLN
Relaxing and stimulating. Nourishes the skin, deep relaxation, skin firming effect, improve the mental state.
Sweet Cranberry 90 min. 250 PLN
Relaxing and nourishing treatment. Firms, improves circulation, revitalizes the skin, adds energy.
Mud treatment 75 min. 170 PLN
A nourishing detoxication treatment. It warms up, has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces rheumatic ailments.

Face care

Moisturizing treatment Hialuron Activ 60 min. 150 PLN
It actively moisturizes the skin, soothes dryness and tension. It smoothes, softens and gently lubricates, prevents the "escape" of water from the epidermis.
Nourishing and energizing treatment Multivitamin Gloss 60 min. 120 PLN
Vitamin bomb containing up to 8 vitamins, coenzyme Q10. Deeply regenerates, refreshes, detoxifies and provides antioxidant protection.
A treatment delaying the aging process Anti Age 60 min. 150 PLN
Anti-wrinkle treatment, strengthens the protective functions of the skin, regenerates, improves skin elasticity, brightens and visibly smoothes the skin.
Purifying treatment Pure Skin 60 min. 120 PLN
Manual cleansing of the skin.
Face Massage 30 min. 70 PLN
De-stress and deep relaxation. Improvement of skin firmness.
Cavitation peeling with hydration 45 min. 80 PLN
Facial treatment with acids:
almond, salicylic, glycol
60 min.
120 PLN
The treatment is intended for men's skin Gents Zone 60 min. 150 PLN
A treatment specially made for men's skin. Cleansing and moisturizing or nourishing and regeneration.

Hand and foot care

Hand care treatment 40 min. 60 PLN
Peeling, paraffin wrap, hand massage.
Feet care treatment 40 min. 80 PLN
Peeling, paraffin wrap, foot massage.
Foot peeling 25 min. 40 PLN


Classic massage, relaxing 30 min. 70 PLN
Classic massage, relaxing 60 min. 130 PLN
The perfect massage that relieves stressful muscle tension and pain related to the movement apparatus.
Aromatherapy massage 60 min. 140 PLN
Relaxing massage with essential oils.
Chinese cupping massage 30 min. 80 PLN
Chinese cupping massage 60 min. 150 PLN
Microcirculation and skin firmness improvement.
Lymphatic drainage 30 min. 90 PLN
Lymphatic drainage 60 min. 170 PLN
It improves the flow of lymph fluid, reduces swelling and anti-cellulite.
Hot Stone Massage 75 min. 200 PLN
Relax the body and soul. Deep relaxation, revitalization and regeneration.
Chocolate Relaxation 30 min. 90 PLN
Chocolate Relaxation 60 min. 160 PLN
Scrub + massage with a touch of chocolate aroma.
Cranberry Relaxation 30 min. 90 PLN
Cranberry Relaxation 60 min. 160 PLN
Scrub + massage with a touch of cranberry aroma.
Detoxification massage with honey 60 min. 150 PLN
Reduces and removes toxins from the body and warms up.
Sports massage 45 min. 130 PLN
An intense massage that accelerates muscle regeneration.
Kinezjotaping up to 30 min. 50 PLN
Has analgesic effect, supports the work of muscles and joints.


Eyebrow adjustment 30 min. 15 PLN
Henna eyebrows/eyelashes 30 min. 20 PLN
Mustache/beard 30 min. 25 PLN
Whole legs/back 60 min. 80 PLN
Bikini/armpits 30 min. 50 PLN
Calves/hands 30 min. 50 PLN
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